A call for project proposals by our Golden Grantmakers Resident Panel

Islington Giving’s Golden Grantmakers Resident Panel introduces its call for applications to support activities for Islington’s older residents!

We are inviting applications for projects that enrich lives by supporting Islington’s older residents to be actively engaged. We want to fund work that identifies local older people who are isolated and lonely and to build social, emotional and community support to reduce isolation, build connections and develop a greater sense of community.

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Monday 21 November 2022

What are we looking for?

Our focus is particularly on funding projects that proactively identify older residents who have limited access to wider networks because of social or financial isolation which is impacting on their physical and/or mental health. Projects must:

  • Be for older residents living in Islington who are aged 55 or over
  • Be free to access
  • Offer a range of appealing and diverse activities that actively engage and enrich the lives of Islington’s older residents
  • Provide an opportunity for older residents to connect, get together and feel part of a wider community
  • Focus on identifying and gaining the trust of older residents who are not currently accessing support or local activities. Projects must therefore have clear plans for how they will reach isolated people/communities and proactively engage people who don’t know what support is available or may feel like ‘it’s not for them’
  • Understand and respond to resident need holistically. This means seeing the person as a whole and helping to support them with any unmet needs
  • Build on people’s strengths, improve wellbeing and increase local connections.

Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply:

  • Charities, Charitable Incorporated Organisations, Community Interest Companies or Social Enterprises/not for profit companies limited by guarantee can apply. You must have a management committee/Board of Directors made up of a minimum of three people, all of whom are unrelated, and who have ultimate responsibility for the organisation and its finances.
  • Your organisation must have a governing document or constitution.
  • Your organisation must have a bank account.
  • Your organisation must have a set of signed accounts from the previous financial year.

Islington Giving prioritises support for voluntary and community sector groups based in Islington. If you are based out of the borough you will need to demonstrate that you have excellent local knowledge and links. All decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply:

Before you apply, we encourage you to read our Application Guidelines. This includes more information on the application criteria, decision making timeline and what happens if your application is successful.

The next step is to complete an online application form. To access the form please click here.

There will be a two-stage assessment process. Initial applications will be shortlisted by the Golden Grantmakers Resident Panel and it is likely that up to ten groups will be invited to meet with the Panel, along with an Islington Giving programme staff member (Islington Giving usually receives between 20 and 30 applications for each of its funding programmes).

If you are shortlisted, the Panel will want to discuss your project in more detail, follow up on any points of clarification, and ensure they have a full understanding of all the elements of your proposal. The Islington Giving Golden Grantmakers Resident Panel will make all the final decisions on which grants to award.

Please contact our Programme Manager, Patrick Jones – patrick.jones@cripplegate.org.uk –Tel: 020 7288 6948 if you have any specific questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you to the National Lottery Community Fund and to The Mercers’ Company through the Charity of Sir Richard Whittington for partnering with Islington Giving to support this project.

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