Say hello to our new Young Grant Makers!

Young Grant Makers

We are delighted to welcome our latest cohort of driven young people who will meet once a week for five months to learn more about the world of grant making, gain valuable skills and experience, and choose how money is spent on youth services in Islington.

From shifting power to amplifying young people’s voices, here’s why some of our Young Grant Makers applied for this year’s programme:

“I want to be a part of this programme as it changes the stereotypes of older adults being in power and deciding things that may not necessarily impact the youth. This programme gives us a form of responsibility that shows society why young people should have some impact in decision making, as sooner or later, this will be our world for us to run.”

“Young people don’t really get a say in how to shape the local area because nobody really asks us or takes us seriously. It would feel like an honour to speak on behalf of young people and take into consideration different circumstances that impact each young person and explore ways to make at least.”

“I want to be someone that can have a change here, even if it’s only in the local borough since I believe small changes can have big changes to someone else.”

This week our Young Grant Makers identified and discussed the places in Islington that are significant to them, the issues facing young people today and the change they’d like to see, among other activities.

Watch this space for more updates on the Young Grant Makers and follow @IsGiv for all the latest!

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