Become a Young Grant Maker!

17-24? Live in Islington? Want to make change in your community? Become a Young Grant-Maker! 

Young Grant Makers gives us the power and a voice to provide life-changing opportunities. I’ve seen it happen myself!

Please note that the closing date for applications is Tuesday 13th September, 12pm. 

Each year the Young Grant Makers programme gives 12 young people the power to fund the services that are most important to them. You could be one of them!

Young Grant-Makers is a five-month programme that gives young people in Islington the power to choose how money is spent on youth services in Islington. This is a paid opportunity and you will receive training to build new skills and learn about funding services. The role is a five month contract, two+ hours per week at £11.05 p/h.

We want to make the programme as accessible as possible, and we can discuss any support you may need at any point during the recruitment process. If you have any questions and/or would like to have an informal chat about the role, please email Laura Guy: laura.guy@cripplegate.org.uk or call 07985 289407. 


There are so many benefits to becoming a Young Grant-Maker:

  • support and fund local projects that are most important to you;
  • get paid and receive training to build new skills;
  • give back and help your local community thrive;
  • gain valuable insights and experiences;
  • see the impact of your funding decisions;
  • be part of an important movement to help shift power more equally;
  • have fun and work closely with other Young Grant-Makers!

Young Grant-Makers are different young people fighting for different causes; it’s an amazing way to take action and see the benefits of our decisions in real-time.

How to apply 

Before you apply, we encourage you to read the application pack which includes more details about the role.

There are two ways to apply:

  1. Fill out this short form; 
  2. Send us an email with a video or written answers to the below questions to Laura at: laura.guy@cripplegate.org.uk

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 13th September, 12pm. 

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