Children and young people in Islington still need your support

Islington Giving has launched a second fundraising appeal this year to raise funds for community-led groups to provide more activities and support to young people. 


Lockdowns have left 1 in 3 disadvantaged children in London suffering from anxiety and depression. Existing inequality in Islington has only made this worse for children living in poverty before the lockdowns began.  

The loss of education has not fallen evenly, and children from more disadvantaged backgrounds have experienced a greater decline in their educational outcomes. What’s more, the increased mental health problems resulting from lockdowns can prevent young people from engaging in employment, education or training opportunities. 

Help us to respond to the increasing needs in Islington by contributing to our young people’s fund. 

Together we can help community-led groups providing activities and emotional/mental health support to children and young people particularly from low-income families.   

Your contribution can support essential activities and services; whether it’s counselling, training and school support, or providing fun activities and safe spaces.  

The need is still there

Thanks to our supporters, we were able to fund a number of local projects aimed at young people in the borough in the past few months. These included bicycle maintenance training sessions, a hip-hop theatre company, a floating community space in an old barge, and many more. The need is still there: we’ve seen a large number of applications from groups for projects and groups we would love to be able to support.


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Any questions please get in touch at mail@islingtongiving.org.uk. 



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