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Why Islington?


Life can be tough for many people in Islington.

Find out more about some of the key challenges people face in our borough below.

Red Inequality


Islington is one of the most unequal places in the country.
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Turqouise Space


Islington is the most densely populated borough in the UK, with the least green space.
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Lp Physical Health


Life expectancy in Islington is lower than the average for the rest of London and the UK.
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Lp Mental Health

Mental Health

We have some of the highest levels of mental ill health in the UK, and the highest levels of depression in London.
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Red Young People

Children & Young People

38% of children in Islington live in poverty, the third highest rate in London.
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Turqouise Women


In 2017, Islington was voted as the worst place for a woman to live.
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Red Elderly People

Older People

Older people in Islington are poorer than in the rest of the UK.
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Lp Families


Being a parent can be difficult. All families are different, and all face different challenges.
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